Our Story

How did Another Way To Play come about?

It started a few years ago with the name NationSinSation but nothing really came of it because of the economic climate and not having the funding to push it but it never really went away. Then, after a few years, Dee thought about trying again but this time online to reach a wider audience but again, the stumbling block was money until a good friend who saw the potential stepped in with a generous helping hand. So, with a big wad of cash stuffed in her bra, she went to the bank to be ready for a bit of online shopping but what did she need? A website for a start! Possibly a laptop, working from your phone isn’t an easy task. Some stock as people might like to see what’s on offer.  Well the laptop didn’t happen but the rest did. Not being a techy person Dee needed to find someone who could create an online shop for her without destroying her bank account. She messaged a friend from long ago and asked if he knew anyone who could help and he did, a young lad who worked with him. The question had to be asked: “How old is he and is he religious?!” And that when she told him the nature of the business and that piqued an interest! Soon after Charley sent a message asking what could he do to help so after making sure he was happy to do this we went ahead and it was great and then she hit a stumbling block again so we slowed things down. Every so often she’d send a message with an idea and he’d do the same and this went on for two years what with one thing or another getting in the way. And along came Coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown. Dee got an email from a popular adult toy company offering 70% off, well, that was it! She decided now was the time to get that website up and running fast! A quick message to Charley telling him we need to run with this now because we could potentially make a lot of people quite happy (all those orgasmic chemicals buzzing round the brain!) and increase the bank balance. Now Charley had been very enthusiastic about this project from the start and so over the next few days he worked hard preparing things, running with ideas and generally being very businesslike. This did not go unnoticed and Dee decided he should be rewarded for such diligence and, therefore, one of the best partnerships was formed! They are both very proud of what has been achieved so far and continue to strive to make Another Way To Play as enjoyable for their customers as it is for them.