Safety policy

Here at Another Way To Play your pleasure is extremely important and so is your safety, we want you to enjoy our products to the maximum so we urge you to always read any instructions for use. Our products are normally marked as Novelty Toys or similar even if they don’t look like toys. Manufacturers will use this term in order to make you, the purchaser, are aware their products are not for ‘professional’ use. 

When you indulge in your erotic pleasures you know what your limits are and sometimes those limits can be pushed a little further, always do so consensually if you’re trying something different. 

Solo experiences are wonderful as long as it’s pleasurable, by nature of some products, pain or discomfort is to be expected and desired but use caution if you experience unexpected pain or undesirable effects. 

Before using your products, examine them for wear and tear or loose fittings. After each use clean your items using the appropriate cleanser. Consider using condoms on some items if you use them on more than one person. 

Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, when meeting someone or going somewhere for the first time, let somebody know and trust your instinct. 

Above all, revel in new sensations, discover new boundaries and relish new thrills.